World's Best Grill Brush


Clean with Steam

Not forceful metal brushing. 

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Metal Grill Brushes are Dangerous and Hard to Clean

Other Brushes VS.

Grill Rescue

X - Can send you to the emergency room

X - Leave residue on your grill.

X - Gets clogged with grease and grime.

X - Sheds bristles that could get into your food.

X - Can't use on a hot surface

X - Not dishwasher friendly

X - Cannot handle heavy use without fraying

  • Won't send you to the emergency room.
  • Doesn't leave residue on your grill
  • Doesn't leave metal bristles in your food or grill grates.
  • Cleans exceptionally well.
  • Uses steam to clean.
  • Has a long lifespan.
  • Dishwasher friendly.
  • Can use on a hot grill right after grilling.
  • Doesn't get clogged with grease and grime.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Created by a Firefighter

We know fire. Grill Rescue was invented the very person you want around when it comes to fire. You can trust you have the absolute best materials on earth packed into the World's Best Grill Brush.

How to Use the Grill Rescue Brush

Can I really just toss this into the dishwasher?

Yes! The Grill rescue head is made of the same ultra-tough Aramid Fibers that firefighters use in their turnout gear. It can be used and washed again and again. Once it gets too dirty to continue using simply purchase a replacement head. 

Why does this cost more than an average grill brush?

It costs more because it does more! The Grill Rescue brush is super durable and can withstand being run over by a full-size truck! You'll go through several metal brushes before the Grill Rescue will need replacement. 

Okay but bristles in your throat? Really?

There are hundreds of people every year who suffer from this very real problem. Grill Rescue is on a mission to rescue grillers from ever having to deal with you or one of your guests ingesting a metal bristle. 

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