World’s Safest Grill Brush


Not Your Average Grill Brush

Grill Rescue uses steam to clean your grill. Not aggravated forceful brushing. 

Created by a Firefighter

We know fire. Grill Rescue was invented by the very person you want around when it comes to fire. You can trust you have the absolute best materials on earth packed into the World's Best Grill Brush.

Meet Grill Rescue

Want to see what all the hype is about? Look no further.

Tough Cleaning Head

Our Cleaning Head is made out of super durable aramid fiber (the same stuff in firefighter gear) to ensure it's always extremely heat resistant.

Robust Handle

This handle is so strong you can run it over with your truck and it still won't snap.

Premium Scraper

Our scraper is made of 2.1mm brushed stainless steel. By far the thickest and most aggressive scraper on the market.

Dishwasher Friendly

Our Cleaning Head detaches and can easily be replaced or cleaned.


Why Choose Grill Rescue?

Grill Rescue is hands down the World's Best Grill Brush.


Your traditional wire bristle brush can shed those sharp metal bristles and can get left on the grates while cleaning. They can end up in food causing some serious injuries resulting in surgery.

It Actually Works

The best thing about Grill Rescue is that it actually works! Your current grill cleaner is probably a metal bristle, wooden scraper, stone powered rock, or something else that requires accessible force that just doesn't work.

Good Cause

In our opinion, the most significant thing we do is give back. Not only do we truly create the best of the best products on the market, we also donate to first responders in need through our foundation. We are built with strong roots on giving back to those in need.


Don't just take our word for it...

Ready for something out of this world?