Caveman - Featherweight Foldable Camping Grill

A portable grill that folds completely flat, weighs under 2 pounds, feeds 8 people, and fits in your backpack.


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Camping just got way more exciting!

Caveman is the foldable grill you've always dreamt about.

It's the same thing every time. You're camping or tailgating and you know you have to grill, but resist bringing your heavy "portable" grill. You think to yourself "why did I volunteer for this?" Then you remember, you don't like eating garbage, and that's all your family cooks. So you get stuck with all the pains of grilling when it should be enjoyable.
Caveman solves all these problems. Caveman is essentially 5 pieces of precision-cut FDA approved, lightweight metal that fit into each other perfectly to build a grill in under 15 seconds that can feed 8 people.
It's expected of any grill to cook food to perfection. Caveman is no exception. From a few frozen hot dogs to a juicy tomahawk, Caveman is suitable for any caliber pitmaster.
What isn't expected is that you can literally carry your grill in your backpack.
Caveman folds down to less than 1/2 inch thick! The best part is, our lightest grill weighs in at just 2 pounds. Naturally, that's for the serious backpackers.
If you're not trying to grill on top of Mount Everest, we have a larger version for you. This grill can cook up to 8 full-sized burgers (and some hotdogs) at a time, and weighs under 6 pounds. This also folds and zips into the included carry bag and stores in the tightest spots of your RV.

You won't need to decide between a grate or griddle because we've got you covered. Caveman comes with a beautifully designed grate and has the optional flat top griddle. 

This way, you can make steak, eggs, or steak and eggs. I would never ask you to choose only one.

We also kept cooking times and heat in mind. If you love to sear your meats, you can lower the grate to the bottom level. Love that low n' slow BBQ? Just use the included handle to move the grate up without burning off all your fingerprints. If you're looking to rob a bank, just skip that step.
If you know Grill Rescue, you know our insane attention to detail. I'm a sucker for shish kabobs, so I had to make sure we incorporated skewer slots. You can add up to 3 extra-long skewers at a time. These slots are shaped perfectly for easy rotation and are the perfect height from the coals for an even cook.
Like any good grill, Caveman allows for almost any fuel type. Whether you grill with coal, wood chips, pellets, or sticks found on the ground, Caveman works great with all fuel types at any temperature.
One really cool feature is the aerodynamic legs. We've designed the panels so air flows through and heat doesn't transfer to the bottom of the panels (where the grill sits on the floor). This was a very important intentional feature of Caveman. Because the feet don't get too hot, you won't have to worry about starting an accidental fire or burning the bed of your pickup truck.

Caveman comes to you from the firefighter that created Grill Rescue. The World's Safest Grill Brush. Grill Rescue truly is the greatest grill brush and we proved this by completing a Kickstarter campaign raising over $210,000 going on to sell millions shortly thereafter.

So, why Kickstarter?

We learned that this is by far the best platform to bring new product to life and give people the opportunity to help back this project at a discount. Grill Rescue sold on Kickstarter for less than half of it's current retail price. The discounts on Kickstarter are no joke.


Designing the world's lightest foldable portable grill was very difficult. Wanting something better than what's currently on the market is easy, creating it is hard. It took over a year to design and create the perfect version of Caveman. Take a look below and get a 30-second view of the last year creating the perfect version of Caveman.

3D Renders show computer generated pressure and weight testing as well as exploded views of each flat panel that makes up Caveman.
First laser cut MDF prototype which was used to test size and fitment
Cutting additional slots for airflow testing
We created Caveman out of frustration of heavy, space sucking grills. We know most people either refuse to buy a "camping" grill, or have a bulky one they lug around when camping or tailgating. We wondered "Why is this the best way to cook food when camping?" That's when Caveman was born.


The Propane Burner Stretch Goal was achieved at $200,000. This is officially UNLOCKED and available as an add-on.
The Pizza Oven Attachment Stretch Goal was achieved at $300,000. This is officially UNLOCKED and available as an add-on.



Scott is a Firefighter-Paramedic and the inventor of Caveman, Tumbler Buddy, Beer Buddy, and the Famous Grill Rescue. He is a full-time Fire Fighter since 2012. Scott is involved with the Technical Rescue Team and part of The United States Task Force II Team, which helps with many natural disaster missions. Scott attended Florida Atlantic University, where he studied and developed his business and entrepreneurial journey.

In his free time, Scott spends time developing and constantly bettering Caveman, Tumbler Buddy, Beer Buddy, and Grill Rescue. He enjoys the Florida weather with friends and family and takes full advantage of outdoor activities such as scuba diving, fishing, and Golf. Above all else, Scott is a new dad and can't wait for his son to be old enough to grill his first meal.

Anthony is a Business Consultant and co-creator of Caveman, Tumbler Buddy, Grill Rescue and Beer Buddy. While the majority of Anthony's time is spent on branding and marketing Caveman, Tumbler Buddy, Beer Buddy, and Grill Rescue, he is also responsible for much of the creative you see here on Kickstarter. However, he couldn't do it without the huge help of his team.

Anthony spends his free time volunteering as a mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs, flying as a new pilot, and is now obsessed with cooking on Caveman. He's been a little too inventive with his meals lately..

Risks and challenges:

Luckily, this isn't our first Kickstarter. We know what to expect and are very confident in our team, our vendors, suppliers, and our ability to keep up with our schedule and delivery. That said, we cannot always control everything. There are always uncertainties and risks of delay in any manufacturing process. Although very unlikely, things sometimes do take longer than expected. We are not new to product development and have years of experience with the manufacturing process. We are committed to keeping you informed. We want you to be with us every step of the way!