Why Ban Metal Bristles?

Thousands of people every year suffer from a grill related injury. 

To many people's surprise, a large number of these injuries are from grill brushes. People are sent to the emergency room in severe pain from swallowing metal bristles and require emergency surgery. 

Chances are you wouldn't want metal logged in your stomach, throat, or anywhere else in your body for that matter. However, this is exactly what's been happing far more than you may realize. Metal bristles from traditional wire bristle grill brushes are breaking off and landing on your grill grates. You then go to cook a juicy burger and that metal bristle gets stuck in your food. Guess what happens after you eat that burger? You also eat that metal bristle. Off to the emergency room you go for surgery. 

Hang On, There's No Way This Is Real!?

Think again. Just do a Google search and see how many people this affects.

There are thousands of cases of these. You can find a seemingly endless amount of online articles and news coverage videos of these grill brush related injuries with ease. If this is the first time hearing about this issue, you may not believe it right away, but if this has happened to you or someone you know, it's very very real. If you're lucky, it can be as simple as just removing the bristle from the inside of your mouth. However, in a lot of cases you need very intensive surgery to remove them, or even locate it for that matter. These bristles are small but can cause extreme pain and can be difficult to find as they don't always show up on an x-ray.

Check out the below video to get a quick overview on just how many stories there are about this issue.

So, what are we going to do about it!?

In addition to just raising awareness for this issue, we want to make a real difference. We're not here to just convince you to throw away your metal bristle grill brush, we want EVERYONE to be aware of the potential harm their causing. Please help us BAN METAL BRISTLES!


to ban metal bristles from grill brushes.

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